Camp Kids Create

Camp Kids Create is all about God’s kids using their individual gifts to construct, move, make, do, think – CREATE – to showcase His love and special attention for each and every one. God’s kids come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and personalities. There’s a place at Camp for everybody. Kiddos kindergarten to 11 years can choose one of three camp options that peaks their interest. For the older kids (12 years to 18 years), Camp Serve is the place to be. And for the experienced campers (19 years and older) Camp Kid At Heart is the perfect blend of play and study to boost the mind and spirit. 


Love to build things? Come join us at Camp Lego! Whether you love to imagine and create your own masterpieces or follow blueprints to transform blocks into buildings, Camp Lego is the place for you. 


Love to move? Camp Dance was made for you! Whether an expert on the stage or just love to dance in your room, there’s a place for you at Camp Dance.


Arts & Crafts your thing? Love making scraps and pieces into beautiful creations? Get those creative juices flowing at Camp Create + Make!


At Camp Serve, campers will jump right in and use their unique gifts to, well, SERVE! Each camper will be assigned a specific Service Station based on their uniquely given gifts. But even teens need a break once in a while. Campers will leave the kiddos, kitchen, or krazy behind for a short while to converse, concoct, and connect together about the life of one of Jesus’s good friends – Simon Peter. So run, jump, build, make, dance, cook, sing, talk, listen, write, do – just as God created you (and only you) to do at Camp Serve!


Who said only the little ones get to go to camp? At Camp Kid At Heart, campers will experience just the right mix of kid like fun and adult conversation with no bugs or bunk beds required. Draw or color beautiful masterpieces, build imaginative structures, or enjoy a snack from your childhood while learning, studying, and discussing the life and actions of that quirky but quite forgiven Disciple Simon Peter. Get that blood flowing with a wiggle break -wise edition, help to feed the 5000, or give a plant a drink with a Service Switch. So please join us to fuel that inner kid (and adult) at Camp Kid at Heart!